Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Snapchat….The list goes on. What do they have in common? Twenty years ago they were not here. Today they dominate our lives. What is the next wave? Are you equipped for it? What effect will the next big thing have on your organization? Are you equipped to take your organization to the next frontier? Think of the jobs that exist today that did not exist only a few years ago? What jobs will exist in the next ten years that don’t exist now?
PowerTalks over the last twenty years has gained a reputation for helping organizations to see round the curve, create the curves and equip leaders around the world to think different – From Fortune 500 companies, Governments, the United Nations, and adventurous individuals around the globe.

Dr. Wale Akinyemi

Chief Transformation Officer

This master strategist is a pragmatic optimist who believes that cars will one day run on banana juice and phones will be charged with WiFi signals! He believes that geniuses are not born but made and that given the right environment he can turn anyone into a genius as he has done already in different places. He is the brain behind a lot of innovative programs that have turned companies around and he is also the author of 15 books, a newspaper columnist, a media personality and a passionate dreamer. He lives to inspire his world and believes that there is no point in dying if you never lived.

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