The Abundant Mind

Many years ago read a book by John Avanzini with a very interesting title: “The wealth of the wicked, yours for the taking” . The figures quoted in the book are probable slightly different now but you will get the message. In this book, I found some very interesting information about the wealth of the world. We will now take a look at some of those figures and projections as well as the consequences and conclusions. From his research, Avanzini gave statistics of the world’s wealth as measured in commodities. His findings were that the world as at 2005 had 220 billion dollars of copper, 50 trillion dollars of gold, 300 billion dollars of silver, 360 billion dollars of aluminum, 600 billion dollars of iron, zinc, tin, and lead, 16 trillion dollars of oil, 1.5 trillion dollars of barley, 4 trillion dollars of corn, 19 trillion dollars of meat, 4 trillion dollars of rice, 4 trillion dollars of pork, 3.6 trillion dollars of wheat….. Consider the oil reserves that have been discovered in the last few years. Consider the dollar value of electricity and other forms of energy and we cannot but conclude that truly we live in the midst of abundance.  Is it not sad that in the midst of all this wealth, some people still live in abject poverty? Is it not sad that many people will live their lives through and never handle one hundred dollars in their entire lifetime? Contrary to what anyone may think or say, we do live in a wealthy world.

Success or failure are not nationalities of any country. They follow mindsets. That is why in the poorest nations of the world you will find extreme wealth and in the wealthiest nations of the world you will find abject poverty. If the wealth of the world were to be evenly distributed today so that everyone has the same amount of money, a research showed that within 5 years those who were previously rich will be rich again and those who were poor will be poor again. Why? Because there is a mindset that commands success. Chasing money without developing the mindset will only lead to frustration. You can ask the countless number of lottery winners that return to poverty after their spending sprees. The truth is that true wealth comes in trickles. These trickles may then begin to grow in momentum and then the momentum increases and then it gets to a tipping point where it just continues to flow – where to him that has, more shall be added. One of the biggest deceptions of the age is that money is the solution to a financial problem. This deception is what has led so many people to chase money with all they have including their integrity. When you have the correct mindset concerning money, you will not have to chase it. It will come to you. Money however never flows into a vacuum. It flows after ideas. It flows after creativity. It comes after solutions.

What is the mindset that attracts resources? It is a mindset that sees solutions to problems. There is the story of two shoe sales people who were sent to prospect in some parts of ancient Africa about the possibilities of setting up shoe factories. One returned and said, ‘it’s of no use. They don’t wear shoes. It will be a complete waste of resources to go there. ‘The other seeing exactly the same thing said, It’s a great opportunity. They don’t wear shoes. It will be the best investment we ever made.

Many minds are too heavily skewed in the negative to see anything positive. Even if you have nothing in your hand today, develop an abundant mind. An abundant mind is a mind that is constantly loaded with information and that is able to see possibilities in the midst of impossibilities. An abundant mind is what made President Obasanjo become president despite not wearing shoes till he was an adult. An abundant mind is what made President Obama rise against all odds to become the first black president of America. An abundant mind is what made the Beetles continue pursuing their dreams even when they were turned down by Decca records – the leading recording label of their time. An abundant mind is what made Michael Jordan one of basketballs greatest even after he had been dropped from his school basketball team. An abundant mind is what made Thomas Edison become one of the greatest inventors of all time despite the fact that his teacher labeled him as too stupid to learn anything. An abundant mind is what caused Walt Disney to become one of the greatest of all times in the film world despite the fact that he was fired from a newspaper because he was said to lack imagination and original ideas. An abundant mind is what made Abraham Lincoln continue in his quest even after losing election after election. An abundant mind is what has made you read this article today and what will make you rise to the next form of your life. Arise! Shine! Your light is come!

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